diy spoon

This is one of my favorite videos on TikTok. I just love how the creator uses cheap products from the Dollar Store to create such a simple but unique matte ceramic spoon holder. So if you are like me and enjoy DIY home decor, then give this one a try!

You will need a plastic or glass vase to recreate this beautiful DIY ceramic spoon holder. You can find one at the Dollar store.

A paintbrush, baking soda, and black acrylic paint. Mix the acrylic and baking soda to create a paste. Then with your paintbrush, apply the mixture to the outside of the vase. Two layers of paint will suffice.

Tip: You can get the acrylic paint in matte at Walmart for 50 cents and seal it with clear spray paint.

Allow it to dry and that’s it! You have created the cheapest spoon holder on the planet.

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