Elf on the shelf ideas

If you are looking for some quick Elf on the Shelf ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Elf on the Shelf can start off so innocently and easily but come mid-month you’re ready for the Elf to disappear already.

We’ve compiled lots of super easy Elf on the Shelf ideas with household items for you to choose from. No longer do you need to spend hours agonizing over what your Elf could do next? We’ve got you covered with more ideas than you’ll need. You can get your Elf ready in minutes.

If you need some last-minute ideas that are quick and easy, then read on. These ideas typically don’t need a lot of time or energy or even expensive props.

1. Elf And Green Coloring

2. Reading A Book

3. In A Cookie Mug

4. Relaxing Under The Christmas Tree

5. Waiting For Candy

6. Packing Cups

7. Holding On To Balloons

8. Holding A Cookie House

9. Hiding

10. In The Christmas Tree

11. On The Christmas Tree

12. With Gold Coins

13. On A Table

14. Hanging

15. On Santa Duck

16. Hanging from the Stairs

17. Next To A Doll

18. Tie Up

19. In A Chrismas Pjs

20. Playing With A Doll

21. Santa In A Box

I hope these quick Elf on the Shelf ideas prove to be of help for those nights when you’re in need of some inspiration. Do let me know in the comments if you believe I should add any more simple and quick Elf on the Shelf ideas. Have a great December!

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