I still remember the Easter egg hunts of my childhood – the thrill of finding brightly colored treasures hidden in the garden.

Decorating our porch was always part of the excitement. A burst of cheerful color and playful touches signaled the start of spring and the joy of the holiday.

Today, I still take delight in dressing up my porch for Easter. Here are some delightful ideas to make your own entryway an inviting spot to welcome the season.

Pastel Wreath

A simple yet stunning display starts with a pastel wreath on your door. Grapevine adorned with faux speckled eggs and delicate spring flowers is a classic choice. Add a pair of weathered watering cans overflowing with colorful dyed eggs and sprigs of pussy willow for a touch of rustic charm.

Rocking Chair

Adorn a child-sized rocking chair (try a flea market find!) with a plush bunny and a woven basket filled with vibrant Easter eggs. This adorable vignette is perfect for porches with a touch of whimsy.


If you’re crafty, a hand-crocheted blanket in spring hues draped over a porch swing adds cozy charm. Top it with a playful pillow featuring embroidered bunnies for extra Easter flair.

Galvanized metal buckets

Galvanized metal buckets make charming holders for blooming spring bulbs. Tuck in a whimsical “Happy Easter” sign crafted from moss and twigs for a touch of rustic elegance.

Egg-cellent Door Decor:

Go beyond the traditional wreath with a basket overflowing with dyed eggs hung on your door. Tuck some greenery and spring blossoms around the eggs for a natural touch.

Sweet Seating:

Dress up a porch bench with pastel pillows in playful patterns like stripes or gingham. Add a basket filled with plush bunnies or chicks for extra cuteness.

Windowsill Charm:

Don’t neglect your windows! Line a sunny windowsill with small terracotta pots holding brightly colored pansies, a perfect way to bring a burst of life and color.

Upcycled Delights:

Repurpose a vintage wooden crate as a planter for spring flowers and Easter eggs. Its weathered texture adds another dimension to your porch display.

Lantern Love:

Hang a collection of lanterns on your porch, filling them with sprigs of greenery and pastel-colored flameless candles for a soft, welcoming glow in the evenings.

Tabletop Treats:

If you have a small table on your porch, a simple dough bowl filled with dyed eggs and a few spring blossoms creates an elegant centerpiece.

Floral Stairway:

Line your porch steps with small pots of colorful primulas or other spring blooms, leading guests up in a burst of color.

Bunny Footprints:

Create a playful path to your door using stenciled bunny footprints in chalk paint – a delightful touch that will make kids smile.

Springtime Signpost:

A vintage-style wooden sign with a cheerful “Happy Easter” message adds whimsy and warmth to your porch.

Blooming Baskets:

Instead of traditional Easter baskets, try hanging wicker baskets overflowing with spring flowers on your porch railing, creating a lush and colorful display.

Watering Can Wonders:

A vintage watering can transform into a planter with pansies or tulips adds a touch of rustic elegance to any porch.

Woodland Welcome:

Nestle a few ceramic or wooden birds alongside a basket of eggs on your porch, echoing the springtime sense of new life.

Subtle Sparkle:

Scatter a few glittery decorative eggs around your porch displays for a touch of subtle shimmer and playful surprise.

Feathered Friends:

Hang a simple birdhouse adorned with spring blossoms near your door, providing an inviting nesting spot for feathered friends.

DIY Egg Garland:

Create a charming garland from hand-painted wooden eggs and string it across your porch railing for a festive homemade touch.

Easter porch decor is a wonderful way to spread springtime cheer. Whether you love rustic touches, playful accents, or a touch of handmade charm, these ideas will inspire you to create a welcoming space. And like the Easter egg hunts of my childhood, these simple decorations signal the start of the season and a time of joyous celebration.

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